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Career opportunities are promising, according to recent study

Agrologists Called to Play a More Crucial Role in the Canadian Economy

Ottawa (February 12, 2016) — As climate change is becoming increasingly challenging in Canada, Canadian agrologists are expected to play a gradually more important role in the area of food production and environmental protection, and career opportunities for new graduates are varied and exciting.

According to a recent study commissioned by Agrologists Agronomes Canada, high demand and strong starting salaries offered to new graduates makes agrology a very interesting career option.

The study conducted by Insightrix in late 2015 reached out to several companies employing some 2,043 agrologists across Canada seeking to measure starting salaries paid to agrologists active in 11 areas of practice, to assess future career opportunities in these areas and to quantify the need for agrologists in all Canadian provinces.

Agrologists Agronomes Canada is the only registered national organization mandated to support the work of the provincial agrology institutes and to promote the profession from coast to coast. The professional body is already working to harmonize the requirements necessary to access the profession with a view to facilitate the mobility of agrologists from one province to another.

Challenges are great in all areas of activity
According to Agrologists Agronomes Canada President René Mongeau, also president of the Ordre des agronomes du Québec, the organization
felt the need to assess potential future employment opportunities in order to ensure it could meet market demand.

“We want students in agrology to know there are job openings for them in all areas of practice and that career opportunities abound where they can apply their newly acquired knowledge if they are in search of exciting challenges for the future, ” Mongeau said.

Agrologists’ fields of activity are numerous, offering challenges in environmental management, in the evaluation and remediation of contaminated sites, in crop science and production in agricultural input sales and support, in agricultural education and teaching, in water resources, nutrient management, agricultural research, farm business management and agribusiness, in food safety and biosecurity and livestock science and production. There are about 10,000 active agrologists in the profession's areas of activity in Canada.

According to the Insightrix study, starting salaries for new hires in agrology for all areas of professional practice range from $ 44,000 annually in the Atlantic region to $ 65,000 a year in Alberta. The study also shows that the highest starting salaries are paid in the field of research in the Western provinces.

In Quebec, the highest entry level salaries are paid to agrologists involved in education and short and long term job prospects are relatively good. Compared to other provinces, however, Canada’s Atlantic provinces have the lowest employment prospects in all areas of practice.

The findings of the study are available on the Agrologists Agronomes Canada web site at:

Source : Suzanne Laplante, General Manager, Agrologists Agronomes Canada
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